Dixie District

For administrative convenience, the Barbershop Harmony Society (BHS) is divided into seventeen geographic districts. Each district is run by elected officers who promote the best interests of the chapters and conduct quartet and chorus contests within the district.

The Marietta Chapter is a member of the Dixie District which consists of more than 25 chapters in the states of Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi.

The Dixie District conducts two conventions each year in a variety of cities within its member states. The Spring Convention, usually held in the last half of March, features a Chorus and Quartet Contest. The Spring Quartet Contest selects the quartets that will represent our district at the International Contest and Convention sponsored by the society each year, normally during the week that contains July 4.

The Dixie District Chorus contest is also held at the Spring Convention to select the Dixie District Chorus Champion. This is an honor that the Big Chicken Chorus has garnered 12 times since our initial title in 1989.

The Dixie District Fall Contest and Convention is held usually the last weekend in September or the first weekend of October. The Fall Dixie District Quartet Contest selects the Dixie District Quartet Champion. Marietta Chapter quartets have won the title of Dixie District Champion on four occasions and have had members of the chapter in four other Dixie District Champion Quartets.

The Dixie District Fall Chorus Contest selects the chorus that will represent our district at the International Contest to be held the following July. The Big Chicken Chorus won the honor of representing the Dixie District at the International Convention and Contest 16 consecutive years, a BHS record, from 1990 through 2005.

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