What To Expect

What to Expect

We rehearse every Monday Night - 7:00pm to 9:30pm (Except Holidays)

Our door is always open to guests and visitors. We will ask you to write your name on a nametag and to sign our guest register. Please provide us with your current contact information for future reference. We will provide a Guest Book for your use during rehearsal that contains copies of our music.

If you are visiting with the intention of joining our chorus, you will be given a Voice Placement check. The full details of the Voice Placement can be found in this document.

We will invite and encourage you to sing along with us; however, doing so is not a requirement. It is your choice to sing along or just listen as we sing. If you choose to sing, we will place you next to someone who will be singing the same part that you would like to sing. He will be your coach for the evening.

We will invite you to return the following week and we will encourage you to make a habit of spending your Monday evenings with the Big Chicken Chorus.

Vocal Audition

Once you have attended three of four consecutive rehearsals and when you feel you are ready, the membership chair will request an appointment for you to meet with the music team chair and the director so you may audition. Your audition will be during a break in rehearsal or immediately following rehearsal, and only when you are ready.

The full details of the Vocal Audition can be found in this document.

Once you have completed your audition and you are ready to join our chapter the membership chair will help you complete a membership application. This is a one-page document, which the chapter secretary must send to the national headquarters for processing along with your initial membership dues, which will be detailed for you at that time.

The audition process for the Big Chicken Chorus is in place primarily to be certain that candidates who present themselves can be taught the skills necessary to make a positive contribution to the BCC's performances. It is the concept of a positive contribution to the performance that is the driving force behind the BCC's philosophy of including everyone possible. All candidates for membership in the chapter, whether new to barbershopping, or potential transferees from other chapters, are required to be auditioned.

Learning the Repertoire

All members of the chapter have access to the sheet music and "MP3 learning files" for the songs in our repertoire. The music and practice parts are available from the "members only" section of our website. We will provide you with an account and login once your membership is approved.

There is no extra charge for this service and we highly recommend you download the sheet music and print it along with the MP3 files. If you do not have access to the Internet or have difficulty downloading the songs, we can provide you with a CD of our current repertoire with your voice part for all the songs.

Most of our members commit the songs to memory by listening repeatedly to the learning files as they drive around town in their cars, or in the comfort of their home.

We do provide some level of assistance with the learning process at rehearsals, but we expect our members to learn the words and notes to our songs outside of the rehearsal and come to rehearsal prepared to sing and bring the songs to a musical level appropriate to perform for an audience.

Time and Money Commitments

We would like all of our members to attend all rehearsals and performances, but we have learned over time that this is not a realistic expectation. We all have lives to live outside of our hobby. There are always conflicts and we understand that work and family comes first, in that regard it tends to make "perfect attendance" a near impossibility.

Most of our members do attend more than 70% of our rehearsals and performances and our Chorus Membership Policy will require that certain attendance standards be maintained at specific times, prior to major performances, for a member to be permitted to be included in that performance.

As hobbies go, Barbershop Singing is a rather inexpensive hobby. We do have annual dues, about $150 per year (half that for students), and uniform costs, about $300, for our two standard performance uniforms. Both of these costs may be spread out, over time for members who do not have the means to make the total outlay at the time they become members. We also have ways to help any member who cannot meet the monetary outlay and we hope that no one would fail to join for financial reasons.

Educational Events

Each year the Dixie District, of which we are a part, conducts an educational event called the Dixie Lakeside Harmony Weekend (DLHW) at the University of Alabama Huntsville in Huntsville, Alabama. Classes are conducted by experienced barbershoppers on a host of subjects intended to increase the musical knowledge and singing skills of those in attendance. As you might expect, there is also a lot of singing and socializing associated with this event.

Our Society also hosts Harmony University each year at St. Joseph, MO, attended by Barber shoppers from all across the U.S. and Canada. The Harmony University is full week in length and offers a much more in depth level of education as well as a broader array of classes than is offered at DLHW. Those who can afford the time and expense of Harmony University, come away from this event with a much better appreciation of our hobby and the variety of skills that can be put to use in the pursuit of improved musical performance.

The Big Chicken Chorus also brings coaches from around the country to our rehearsals periodically to help us improve the ability of the chorus and its individual members to perform.


The Big Chicken Chorus sponsors a Christmas Show each December and a Cabaret Show each year, usually in the Spring or Summer. Additionally, we perform several concerts per year, some open to the public and some for private events sponsored by local business or non-profit organizations.

We are proud to have been recognized; by the Georgia Council for the Arts as a "Georgia Touring Artist." This designation promotes us as a performing entity around the state of Georgia. In 2011, we will be performing in Buckhead, Cartersville, and at Reinhardt University located in Waleska, Georgia. as a result of organizations who learned about us because of the "Georgia Touring Artist" designation.

Social Events

Periodically we also have social events such as a dinner with our wives or significant others or a trip to Turner field to cheer on the Atlanta Braves. These events are sporadic and normally occur at times of the year when we have a break in the performance schedule.

Conventions and Contests

The Dixie District sponsors a Spring and a Fall Convention and Contest. These events always scheduled on weekends and in a rotating choice of cities within the four-state area of our District that includes Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi.

The Big Chicken Chorus has performed at these events annually over our 25+ year history.

If you like what you have read, please join us!