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The Big Chicken Chorus is available on a fee basis for special events for organizations having conventions, conferences, dinner meeting, etc. 

Big Chicken Chorus   

Our performances utilize tunes made popular by recording artists from the 1940’s to the current day, designed to engage our audiences. Our repertoire contains music for love of mankind, love of music, love of God and love of Country, and is continually updated to provide musical challenge for our singers. 

The Big Chicken Chorus is able to evoke a sentimental sigh, or maybe even a tear, with an emotional ballad or deliver rhythmic, up tempo numbers complete with repartee that add to the already lively array of music in the show. We can also incorporate quartets and ensembles into our program to provide still another level of variety.

The BCC has performed in a many top venues in the Metro Atlanta area, in rural GA communities, many major cities across the U.S, Toronto and Montreal, Canada, and Harogate, Great Britain. The BCC and its member quartets serve the area with numerous gratis performances, including military organizations, service organizations, hospitals, assisted living centers, schools, churches and fund raising concerts for other non-profit organizations.


For unique, live entertainment your organization is sure enjoy, book the Big Chicken Chorus.

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